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Minimum Wage 1 January 2014

Minimum wages by Dutch law for employees in the age of 23 year and older, Based on 38 working hours per week:

€ 1.485,65 a month
€ 342,85 a week
€ 9,02 an hour

Youth Wages

Minimumwage in Euros for youth under 23 years, based on 38 working hours per week:

age 23 and older: € 9,02 an hour
Age 22: € 7,67 an hour
Age 21: € 6,54 an hour
Age 20: € 5,55 an hour
Age 19: € 4,74 an hour
Age 18: € 4,11 an hour
Age 17: € 3,56 an hour
Age 16: € 3,11 an hour
Age 15: € 2,71 an hour


It is important for you to know, that tax is included in these wages. Tax is approximately 30% of this wage, so you will receive about 2/3 of the given wages.

It is also important to note that the employer may deduct money from your salary for your house or for your health insurance. Every resident of The Netherlands is obliged to have a Dutch health insurance. You have to discuss this with your (future) employer

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